Blumpack, Better Packaging

for the San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years

BlumPack packaging is a full service packaging provider with over 30 years experience in the packaging industry. By combining outstanding people, our creative designs, superior processes, leading edge technologies and absolute focus on continuous improvement, we will always exceed our customers expectations.

Serious about packaging

Whether you’re a first time business with a product not yet off the ground or a large corporation who just needs an extra hand. We can provide fast, cost effective alternatives in a variety of packaging areas. If you have a product you would like to market and are looking for a beautiful designed and manufactured package to give you an edge in the highly competitive consumer product market, then we can help.

Serious about quality

We believe that the quality you invest in your product on the inside shouldn’t be betrayed by a lack of quality on the outside. After all the first thing your consumer will see is the packaging. We insure this quality with vigorous standards designed to provide not only beauty, but strength as well.

Serious about time

We understand that in todays demanding Marketplace, time is the one commodity that always seems to be in short supply. That is why we place the utmost priority on seeing that your work gets done and shipped in as short a turnaround time as possible without sacrificing quality.